yblockchain.network is a network of traders, developers, academic professors and professionals with a shared passion for blockchain technology. We connect enthusiasts to eachother and offer all participants in the network insight into the wonderful world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.



In collaboration with The Hague University, other academic institutes and corporate entities, we educate people by implementing ‘active learning’ principles. This combines theoretic teachings with practical assignments and other real-life case studies.

We offer a wide range of our academic modules free of charge. If a student requires guidance or shows interest in guidance by one of our connected academics, wishes to dive deeper into our educational material, we offer paid modules too.

Supporting our educational program is our online community, which consists of around 400 members today. A wide range of talented individuals come together here, which leads to a very strong online platform.


Many of our community members are actively investing in blockchain-related companies or trading for a living. Some of them have been active for years and are well connected within the space. Others may be part of high profile, paid groups. Others are freelance trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges and some are here to learn from the pro’s. In our Discord, we come together to share our experience and information. Always free of charge to every participant.

Next to all this online activity, we like to see each other face-to-face. We have organized several meet-ups in the past and will continue to do so in the future and have big plans for several large events, including keynote speakers, in the Netherlands very soon.


Our Discord is where our network comes together. A platform that is full of high quality information and the latest updates in the world of blockchain. We have channels for news, trading, investing, ICO’s, several channels for chitchat and a line of bots that are willing to do some of the dirty work for us.

We are very active in participating in presales and ICO’s and have managed to include several influential people within our network. Active members in our Discord will benefit from their own contribution by being the first to know about new investments, updates and many more interesting things.

If you’d like to join, click on the Discord link and we will be very happy to greet you there!


In collaboration with The Hague University and the corporate world, we have developed several blockchain related modules which are being taught at both Dutch HBO- and WO-levels. Some of the modules have been recorded for online purposes and are offered free of charge via our YouTube channel. One of our seminars is also uploaded to our YouTube channel. You can now find our module ‘Mastering Blockchain’ online, by clicking the link to our channel.

Below is one of our recent seminars, in which we discuss the basics and possibilities of blockchain technology. Please enjoy and if you have any questions, comments or requests, please do get in touch with us!

More information on both free and paid modules that yblockchain.network offers, can be found on the 'Modules' page.

Please click the link below for further details and don't be shy to contact us, should you have any questions!